Body Language  is the key to successful communication.  Understanding Body Language reveals what someone really feels.  Words are the content, but Body Language is the context and true meaning.  When you know the secrets to understanding and reading body language, you have an entirely new understanding of interpersonal relationships in work, in relationships, and in life.

Noticing Body Language

Have you ever felt certain that someone was lying but didn’t know why?  We are all very good at picking up on the subtle non-verbal cues and body language people use every day.  You probably don’t know it, but you are already an expert!  Can you tell when someone is ready for the check at dinner?  It’s not just because the food is gone.  Sometimes people stay and talk for hours.  It is the subtle body language you are picking up on that tells you dinner is over.

Body Language Experts take this natural skill that we all have and magnify it by studying the specific movements and behaviors people subconsciously do, and then understanding what those movements and behaviors mean.  When you know what to look for in Body Language, and you know what different postures and movements mean you know the secrets.

The first step is consciously noticing what you are already subconsciously aware of.  The subtle changes in body language that are speaking more than the words that are coming out of their mouth.

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Body Language and Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions are Key to Understanding Body Language.  The Face is the most expressive part of our body and by understanding the innate, natural expressions we unconsciously have when feeling different emotions we can recognize the subtle indications that someone is feeling one of the 8 basic emotions:

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Anticipation

Different parts of the face are activated more strongly for different emotions and can provide different clues about how someone is feeling about what they are saying and what they are hearing.  Combining an understanding of what the emotion is they are feeling and the content of the words they are saying or hearing can provide true insight on what they REALLY mean.


Facial Expressions: Eyes

It is said that the Eyes are the windows to the Soul.  Body Language and Facial Expression Experts agree, the eyes can tell you more about what someone is thinking and feeling than any other part of the body.  There are several parts to understanding the eyes.  First you must understand what pupil dilation and constriction means.  Although pupils are small, with practice anyone can become expert at noticing changes in size and when you know what this means you know the secrets.  Eyebrows also offer a wealth of information.  Are they raising up or coming together?  We all know what some expressions mean and it is easy to learn the rest.

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Facial Expresions:  Mouth

Although the voice says the words, the mouth often tells the meaning!  Understanding what it means when the corners of the mouth turn up or down, or when lips are drawn tight can completely change a conversation.

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Facial Expressions:  Micro Expressions

Micro Expressions are the small short versions of our normal facial expressions.  We often hide our true feelings because it is not appropriate in the current social setting.  When your date spills water in their own lap it can funny, but we don’t laugh because it would make them feel bad.  However, the corners of our mouth may pull up and back for fractions of a second.  When you see someone you know, your eyebrows pop up for a fraction of a second – giving them what’s known as an “eyebrow flash.”  That’s how your friends recognize you from across a crowded room.  With a little practice, and a thorough understanding of facial expressions, it can be very easy to recognize Micro Expressions.  Micro Expressions are the key to someone’s true intentions when they are lying or in a business negotiation and they do not want you to know what they are really thinking.

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Body Language and Body Posture

People lean away from what they don’t like.  People lean toward what they are attracted to.  This is obvious and you probably knew that already!  Body Posture is valuable in interpreting Body Language by understanding the physiology of leaning in and leaning away.  What do our arms naturally do when we lean in or away?  What about our breathing?  What about our shoulders?  When you understand the unconscious natural reactions people have to things they like and dislike, you can see those subtle movements in those around you.  They may try to cover it up, but unconsciously they cannot control themselves.  Most people are not skilled at seeing these subtle movements, so the general public is not practiced at hiding them well.  When you know the Secrets of understanding Body Posture is all becomes clear.

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Body Language and Lying

Body Language is often the key to knowing when someone is lying.  There are the obvious tell-tell signs like fidgeting, or looking away, but only amateurs give themselves away this easily.  The FBI and CIA use a finely tuned understanding of Body Language to see when even professional liars, like spies and terrorists are being dishonest.  Imagine being able to use these same skills in the board room when negotiating in business, or in a relationship to tell if your partner is cheating!

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Body Language and Sexual Attraction

Flirting and Body Language go hand in hand.  Body language experts can look across a singles bar and tell you which conversations are between couples, which are between friends and which ones have potential – all based on understanding the body language.  There are obvious cues we have all heard before, that girls may touch their hair when they’re interested, or boys may lean in or turn to face someone they are interested in.   Did you know there are particular postures and body language signals you can use to actually increase someone else’s attraction to you?  When you know how to see the signs that someone is attracted, and when you know how to control your own body language to amplify that attraction, flirting becomes a lot easier, and meeting people becomes more fun!

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